Wednesday, August 20, 2008

#19 Iady Ise


Naniwa gata
Mijikaki ashi no
Fushi no ma mo
Awade kono yo o
Sugushite yo to ya

Lady Ise

Even for a time
Short as a piece of the reeds
In Naniwa's marsh,
We must never meet again:
Is this what you are asking me?

Naniwa's marsh is a part of present osaka bay.


Sherry Stewart said...

seems a sad request, never meeting again? Or just for a short time like reed is short?

Sherry Stewart said...

Love the colors in kimono..what is this painted on, these round shapes? So lovely. I never saw this in Japan, I missed something special. I made a paper doll in Japan tho. Many women helped me. :)

Japanese people were gracious to me, I felt very welcome, will never forget Japanese hospitality.
bowing to you and your lovely culture...

nobu said...

Hello sherry, Thanks for your kind cooments!!!!


Nobu, i have come to see your artworks. They have a simple beauty and tranquility about them.
Have a great day!

nobu said...

Perugina art,Thanks for visiting to my blog and leaving comment.
I hope you come back here again.

Ayie said...

i like this one!